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Twin Cities Hostel
223 viale leonardo da vinci
00144 Roma
TwinCities Youth Rome Hostel is situated in the youngest borough of Rome. The location of the youth hostel is strategical for both nightlife and visiting ancient Rome. The nearby University campus makes the neighborhood very crowded with bars, cheap restaurant and relaxing parks - within walking distance. On the other side you can start visiting Rome by seeing Saint Paul Basilic or Piramid, Circus Maximus and Colosseum walking distance, Rome Colosseum all site you can reach by walking distance or B line Metro. TwinCities Hostel with simple and modern furnishings and the friendly young staff - Minnesota - make this hostel a good accomodation place to spend your vacation alone or with friends. The hostels' staff is always open to meet the customers' requirements, check in and the check out are very quick and NO CURFEW!! Singles rooms, doubles room, twins rooms, 2 bathrooms, and a shared modern kitchen and wireless internet access, make us proud of our service. By the way, you can reach the Vatican city with just seven subway stops. If you are interested, our TwinCities Hostel also has a connection with one of the most interesting clubs in Rome that shows all International Sports. So it's easy for you to watch any of your sporting games which sometimes will keep you from traveling, and if you want to experience Rome nightlife we know where to go. From Rome Termini we are only 13 minutes away and we provide shuttle on your request!! You are welcome to stay in Rome
e-mail: info@twincitieshostel.it fon: 39 3349491461

Via E. Accinni63 (Via Privata)
00195 Roma
Pensione BellaRoma Hostel is a new place in Rome designed for young low budget travellers. Established this year on December 2004, BellaRoma Hostel is a sister of Pensione Ottaviano and Sandy Hostel, two popular places run by the same Company who has seen generations of backpackers and has run hostels since 1956. Ever since we started, our hostels have been recommended in all the major guide books throughout the world which highlight hostels in Rome and we suppose there is a good reason!
e-mail: info@bellaromahostel.com fon: 39 0639750599

Fawlty Towers Hostel
Via Magenta 39
00185 Roma
e-mail: info@fawltytowers.org fon: 0039 064 45 03 74

Crimea, Simferopol: Hotels & Apartments
Heidelberg-Hous ul. Dybenko, 12 Simferopol
95000 Krim
Complete listing of hotels, apartments in Simferopol, vacation rentals throughout Crimea and travel services. Let us help you plan your Crimea travel!
e-mail: info@thecrimea.org.ua fon: 38(095)0660554

Seven Hills
Via Cassia 1216
- Roma
e-mail: info@sevenhills.it fon: 39 0630 310826

Hostels of Naples
Via Melisurgo 4
80133 Naples-Napoli
Choose with us the chepest backpackers Hostels and budget Hotels reccommended by the most famous international travel guide books. Hostels of Naples!
e-mail: info@hostelsofnaples.com fon: 39 0815529494

via cesare battisti 30
80029 Naples
This aristoratic building is in the heart of the historic little town of Sant'Antimo, 10 km. from Naples. Surronded by churches and convents on all sides. It was built between the 1600's and 800's, it's grouped around a large courtyerd paved in stones from Vesuvius. In the middle, a magnificent palm tree is a reminder we are in the south of Italy. Thirty minutes from Naples, Pompei, Caserta with his own royal palace, Capodichino airport, Capodimonte Museum, forty minutes from Sorrentina and amalfitana coast line and Flegrei fields. This B&B is an ideal place for going for some trips and running away from the stress of the metropolis. You can find the relax you 've lost! The building has been lovingly restored to its former splendour by your hostess, an artist whose atelier is on the round floor. The big rooms are new and well furnishes, completely autonomies, whit private bathrooms, and air-conditioned. The breakfast is served in the room or in the garden. You can eat some delectable of specialites of the region Campania, like the sfogliatella napoletana.
e-mail: info@bblacorte.com fon: 0039 081 5051987

Via Copernico,22
20125 Milan
Hostels in Italy - Hostels in Europe - Hostels in Worldwide Reccommended Hostel for your choosen destination will appear
e-mail: info@milanhostel.it fon: 0039 335 6067430

La Piazzetta Bed & Breakfast
Piazzetta Santissima Addolorata, 6
73100 Lecce
In the heart of the historical centre of Lecce, a beautiful baroque style B & B perfectly situated on a preety street, surrounded by antique churches and buildings. The baroque style Church of Saint Angelo sits directly opposite and a few yards down is the Piazza di Amicis where lies Lecce's most antique church of the Benedectine and serves as the greatest convent to this day. It is famously remembered by the Leccese people especially at times of festivity for its production of traditional handcrafted almond sweets.
e-mail: lapiazzetta.le@libero.it fon: (39) 333 49 48 625

Santa Monaca Hostel
Via S. Monaca 6
50124 Firenze
e-mail: info@ostello.it fon: 0039 055 26 83 38

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